I got more and more requests asking for the full JA3 lists. Here they are.

The downloads are provided as JSON file.

If you want to contribute your collection, please send me a JSON-file with the following format:

{"desc":"Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:66.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/66.0","ja3_hash":"fb1a94de8f247f1a48cb5fc4db418f7c","ja3_str":"771,4865-4867-4866-49195-49199-52393-52392-49196-49200-49162-49161-49171-49172-51-57-47-53-10,0-23-65281-10-11-35-16-5-51-43-13-45-28,,"},
{"desc":"my description","ja3_hash":"ada70206e40642a3e4461f35503241d5","ja3_str":"769,47-53-5-10-49161-49162-49171-49172-50-56-19-4,0-10-11,23-24-25,0"},

List of all hashes

The full list of all unique JA3 hashes contained currently in the database with the full ja3 string (if available) and the date when it was added to the database:

All JA3 Hashes.

List of all user-agents

The full list of all seen user-agents respectively descriptions JA3 fingerprints as JSON file:

All User-Agents and their JA3 hashes.